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1A Vertical _Depression severity and cognitive symptoms - imp predictor of functioning in

Depression Severity and Cognitive symptoms - Predictors of Functioning in MDD patients 

1A Vertical _Impact of EB on functioning_patient and physician perspectives.jpg

Impact of Emotional Blunting

on Functioning - Patient and Physician Perspectives 

1B Horizontal _Treatment strategies in real world_focus on sexual dysfunction.jpg

Real-world, Evidence-based survey - A Focus on Sexual Dysfunction  

2A Vertical _SEGURA-GARCIA binge-eating disorder with MDD.jpg

Efficacy of Vortioxetine in Binge-Eating Disorder and Comorbid MDD

2A Vertical_Di Nicola_ MDD and post covid-19.jpg

Efficacy of Vortioxetine in Covid-19 patients with MDD 

2B Horizontal_VOPARK study.jpg

VOPARK: Efficacy of

Vortioxetine in MDD Comorbid

Parkinson's Disease Patients 

Vertical_The VIDAs trilogy and beyond_SEA Medical_Updated 25Oct (1).jpg

VIDAs: Vortioxetine Use in

South & East Asia 

3A Vertical _VOR in MDD and Alzheimer's disease_Korea.jpg

Vortioxetine Use in MDD Comorbid Alzheimer's Disease Patients in Korea 

3B Horizontal _MDD and substance abuse.jpg

Vortioxetine as Maintenance Treatment in MDD Comorbid Substance Use Disorder 

4A Horizontal _PREVIDA.jpg

PREVIDA: Impact of

Vortioxetine in MDD patients from Pakistan  

4B Horizontal_CANCER study.jpg

Vortioxetine Use in Cancer Patients with MDD

5A Vertical _Sub ECNP 2022 Post Christensen MEMORY.jpg

MEMORY: Vortioxetine Use in MDD Comorbid Early

Dementia Patients 

5A Vertical _Sub NVP 2022 Post Christensen RECONNECT.jpg


of Vortioxetine in MDD

Comorbid GAD Patients 

5B Horizontal _Vortioxetine in Greece with focus on anhedonia.jpg

Vortioxetine in Greece -

A Focus on Anhedonia 

6A Vertical _Sub ECNP 2021 Post Mattingly RELIEVE Global.jpg

RELIEVE: Effectiveness of Vortioxetine in Patients With MDD (A Real World Study)

6A Vertical _VGOAL- J ECNP.jpg

VGOAL: Goal Achievement 
and Work Productivity Assessment in Japanese

Patients with MDD

6B Horizontal_Sub ASCP 2022 Post McIntyre VIVRE.jpg

VIVRE: Head-to-Head Comparison of Vortioxetine

and Desvenlafaxine 

7A Vertical _Sub ECNP 2019 Chokka AtWoRC.jpg

AtWoRC: Efficacy of

Vortioxetine in Working

Patients with MDD

7A Vertical _Swiss real world study with ODS.jpg

Swiss Real World Study

with Vortioxetine Oral Drops

Solution and Tablets in

MDD Patients 

23-1300B SGPP Drops Analysis poster_v5_FINAL.jpg

Swiss Real World Study - Effectiveness of Vortioxetine Oral Drops Solution versus Tablets in MDD Patients 

Sub Psych Congress 2023 Post Di Nicola RELIEVE Elderly.jpg

RELIEVE Sub-Analysis:

A Closer Look at the

Elderly Population 

7B Horizontal_musical OCD case report escitalopram.jpg

Escitalopram Use in a Case of Musical OCD

8A Horizontal_nausea and vomitting case reports escitalopram.jpg

Escitalopram Use in a Case of Psychogenic Nausea and Vomitting

8B Horizontal_UNWIND study.jpg

UNWIND: Exercise and Escitalopram for Anxiety in

Heart Disease Patients 

LB_Regional Symposium 2024_Key Element-01.png
LB_Regional Symposium 2024_Graphic Element-01.png
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